Ouch, no blog posts in 2 weeks. Its still Ramadan, and I'm pretty out of it this year. To be honest, I'm trying to cut down on the amount of rubbish I eat, so my body has been trying to cope with the changes. The plan is to keep at least some of it out of my diet by the time it ends :p Anyway:

1) Kisioj: 101 points from 41 medals
2) Mastermatthew: 83 points from 39 medals
3) Ganing: 69 points from 31 medals
4) Kozuma3: 66 points from 32 medals
5) Nadrew: 48 points from 26 medals
6) Tetsuya: 46 points from 26 medals

I really wanted to take part in the Casual Guild's competition, and I did attempt a start at a new game, but who knows whether I'll open it again in time for the competition, it might be awhile before I feel like doing some serious coding.

I did get some done on both Wargames and Wargames 2, but not enough to bother with a release. Wargames wise, I'm hoping not to make the 1 year of no update mistakes again :p
I'v been knocked off the top three! ;( , Also im working on a game just like Micro Defense and was wondering if using a square/interface thing would be ok , since i got the idea from your game.
Lol of course it is mine is barely unique anyway.
Yet still fun tho , more medals would make it great.