Crafting demo

by Schnitzelnagler
An attempt at crafting that allows for easy and flexible add-on of any crafting-kind
Instead of the many a 'blacksmithing', 'woodworking', 'alchemy', 'tailoring', etc. demo, this is a modular attempt at crafting as a whole making use of the infamous BYOND secret 'datum' to structure your source code.
Given the similarity in programming logic behind every possible branch of crafting, it seems reasonable to address all of it and not just a branch. This allows for future improvements in projects, where adding any sort of crafting becomes as easy as adding a few instructions, instead of copy and pasting, then reworking the system to fit the specific needs.
Wonderful demo. 4/5 stars.
Thanks alot! This helped immensely.
could use a graphic improvement to demonstrate what it can do but pretty awesome. 4/5 stars