The Residing Infection: Dark Ruins

by Dantethedevilseeker01
The Residing Infection: Dark Ruins
The world has been plunged into utter chaos as an infection spreads amongst the living. Team up with the Angels and Demons to restore the natural order of the planet.
As of 3:03 June 7, 2011

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Owners: Dantethedevilseeker01, Eon Paradice

Head Admin: Dire Demon

Admin: None currently

Please do be considerate of the Admins, if Auto-Host is turned off, try to contact me if possible by leaving comments here or on my page. If too many comments on the Auto-Hosting, I'll edit the admins.

yo you should complete the game and log in more often its really boring and i got more icons i could make
This game looks OK

I can't wait.
Why Doesn't the game come on anymore?
Told you this game would die. Hard.
The Game Died due to Dante getting Bored of the game practically. i offered to host but thats not going to happen. i can try speaking to him again but expect the same results.