Naruto GOA Classic

by MasterPlay
Naruto GOA Classic
Remember the great times!
Servidor ta passando mais tempo OFF do que ON agora :\ tenso
Poderia nos informar quando ficara on e quando ficara off ?
E tenha vergonha em sua face Asuka, deixe de desrespeitar os outros servidores, não divulgue em outros servidores sem permissão.
again air please
volte a o arrr logggggggo
poha caio, deixa on
Quando VOLTA?
Eae Galera Esse Jogo ta de volta ? Mo tempao q nao jogo isso Caio tem Msn Facebook Algo assim pra mim fala com tu ja é responde ai.
Great server, just like the old times! :)
Why does this game keep going offline? it stays on a few hours then BAM offline for the rest of the day
Can't get into the game at all, and the problem isn't on my end.

I cant log on..
Eh, I have the original Reborn source that would actually guarantee more players if you're dedicated to hosting it. Got it from Soul himself. Hmu if you're interested
This game need to come back on so yall can witness my greatness again :)
o and im EvilZ :)

I'm looking for a iconner
better than me
for da game Naruto BASED
Well since this game is down, just wanted to let you guys know theres a lotta other versions. Like this 1 -->
But it needs a shell to run it so page if you wanna help :o
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