Naruto GOA Classic

by MasterPlay
Naruto GOA Classic
Remember the great times!
Good morning everyone! I am from Argentina and i used to play this classic Naruto game 5 years ago. I'm really happy that the game is still online... just need more players to become as funny as it was long time ago. I've been thinking about making a facebook page or something like that to promote the game so we can have more than 100 users online at every hour of the day.
Hope someone answer me, so we can start working on this.. of course, if you guys still wanna play. Greetings ninjas!

Someone bring this game back on please!
i want to play OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we need this game back!
We want this game baack !
Hi masterdan ,please get back with naruto goa!!!! pleaseeee!
they have a rip thats good search it
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