by F0lak
Explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders
BYOND account: Tetsip

In-Game: John Sty

Age: 20

RP Experience: 10 years

Administrative Experience: None

Time Playing Hazordhu II: Less than a month

Time Zone: Central (America)

How Much Time Can I Devote?: A lot. Only have one class at the moment and I'm looking for a job, so in the meanwhile I have a /lot/ of spare time.

Why Do I Want An Adminship This Early?: I've played this game long enough to see how great is is and the potential it has if the right people get a hold of it, but I've noticed there aren't enough admins that I've observed that can be on during (American) mornings and afternoons, and griefer count seems to be up during that time. Griefers will chase the much wanted player-base away, and I want to at the least help stop that, maybe plan an event or two with the admin team, and possibly even contribute to the game in any way I can.

What Can I Provide?: Long hours online observing, keeping track of players to ensure the rules are maintained and that nobody is griefing to gain fun from another's displeasure. I also consider myself a brilliant story/lore writer and idea generator.
Feedback and other questions encouraged.
not bad.
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BYOND account: Shadow2002

In-Game: Kyajin

Age: 23

RP Experience: 7 years

Administrative Experience: 3 years admin on shinobi games and owner of 3 games my self

Time Playing Hazordhu II: 1 year

Time Zone: Central (America)

How Much Time Can I Devote?: everyday and almost all day

Why Do I Want An Admin: i want admin to help with the game or try and do events if i can, i love the game and want to see it go to be more then just a 7 playerbase game

What Can I Provide?: alot of funny moments and asmuch of my time as i can i bring alot of players to the game and im starting to be well known as i play the game more

What will i do with admin?: well nothing really just keep a eye on players and keep the game going good.

Time zone: UK england so im about 6 hours off from the rest of the players