can i be head admin in return of the missing shinobi
soooo can i ?
hello gaara i cant join game right now pls tell me if i can be haed admin and if yes my characters name will be Monkey D. Luffy
i can be a admin or gm can i be one please
Toby2151 wrote:
i need your halp i gm form the game naruto attack the fate of two worlds i get ban form new gm is name dante you can delete my ban so i can play

Dayuuuum, Just damn. o_0

i saw you search a admin for :
Hell Productions Present: Naruto Return Of The Missing Shinobi

if you want i can do this for this great game :)
i need a mapper gfxer nd coder
you guys are realy abuseing i didnt do anything agest to rules and i get ban then you host ban me....what is with you guys im getting abuse all over first me ex is tring to ban me cus i broke up with him (joe aka Tenkichi) know he got his friend to call me a slut when he said for me to come on the server i get ban like4 times for nothing and this time i get hosts ban?
There is no Rule that states we have to let a player play our game. So get off our sites about it. Your not welcomed on our stuff. Stop complaining and leave us alone.
Don't come on my page with that bullshit, that's between you and joe, so stay the fuck off my page with it
You should try moderating your blog.
(i.e. ban, delete, warn, etc.)
Thank's for reminding me.
Ugh. Can you unban me from Hell Productions? Remember me? Still waiting.... My banned account is CybrexoftheDemonFlute
Lucifer can i talk with you plz??? for a moment without you calling me names or anything plz....
Go to the mail
#16 Gaara kazikaze:
Taikills wrote:
o.o stlker, f you want to host ill send files

send to me i host
:D Hi Luffy!!
Need host no problem i will be the host
send me a email at [email protected]
Man add my key i need to talk to you...
why i cant login in your game?
hey i need a hoster :D?
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