Naruto Shippuuden World Destruction

by Nova Productions
Play in the world of Naruto!

MESSAGE 06/11/17
We are back, revamping, bug fixing, and updating. Tell all your friends and come play!

MESSAGE 6/12/17
Forum is being revamped and used more. Please post any bugs, complaints, suggestions, etc there. We will be looking at it.

Naruto Shippuden World Destruction

Version: 4.0

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A Game Created and Developed by Death Computer Entertainment & Nova Productions

Staff Members

Owners: Kaitou Kuro (KaitouDark), Grim (Takishiro), White (Zan9)


HUB Owner: Nova Productions

Hub Designer/Rules and Forum Creator: Kaitou Kuro (KaitouDark)

Programmer(s): Kaitou Kuro (KaitouDark), Grim (Takishiro)

GFX Artist: Grim (Takishiro)

Pixel Artist: OPEN

Host: Takishiro, LOOKING FOR 24/7 HOST

Previous Programmer(s): Nova, Trademark, Vader, Takishiro, Joker

Credits: Special thanks to Takishiro, KaitouDark, Natojames, Utchiha Pisti, Vader, Trademark, Corvu, Zan9 and many more for contributing and providing Code/Icons.
:o Hia XD
I love the game!!!
...This Game Is Amazing
If You Call This Game A Rip...You Sould Be Punched In The Face...This Game Is Making Clans No Other Game Is Trying To Do..Congratz On The Wonderful Game
And sage mode, I am almost done with it, just need to fix some bugs. Later on with the next two months we will have added in the tailed beasts(atleast 4-5 of them since only one coder is currently working). we need more coders!
Hehe, so this game acually turning better? Or what? Lol.
Sure this game is a rip but it is going to be a very updated rip. Sage Mode and soon to come tailed beasts. More villages are also coming in the future. This is going to be so beast.
nice game... dont passed 6 mins? '-' hey im in skill tree screen cant go away xD
Games Down Until Host Moves to his new house which should be withen 3 days(counting the time that wil take to get internet)

once the game is on ill fix it..
When Game Commin Back up?
because of the loss of my host, and some players, summer?
I might have it up once my old host comes back from vacation
I can Mass invite my Hole list of People i Know 154 People so Is it going to come Back up?
The Game will be Back Once I a Done with a few bug Updates.
Takishiro wrote:
I might have it up once my old host comes back from vacation

I am probably going to be the host for this game now. I have also removed most of my staff so i need a new staff... any one here interested?
White and I are back as staff. I can code, do the forum and hub changes when needed, and host. Would you like me to host 24/7? I know how to port forward now and can host anytime.
aww game went down bring it up :D
great game
wth... i cnt log in
Kaibakun wrote:
wth... i cnt log in

idk its quite weird how 3 ppl are still on but no one else can join
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