Naruto Shippuuden World Destruction

by Nova Productions
Play in the world of Naruto!
ys one of the medals 150+ all stats when on the leader board ppl got like 20k stats o.o
We Will have a Pwipe, With everything Updated and many new things added. Clay Clan will be Most Clans will be Completed. Expected Date is November 1st
Server so laggy.
Its not laggy anymore. I wil start updating the game again once people start re-joining.
Server Laggy
Will you be adding more moves?
hi :O this new game i havent seen XD im just downloadin resources. hope its awesome :D
When's wipe?
So is this game over?
The game is online right now....
FINNALY clay jutsus are my favorite!
If you ever need a host, this game is amazing and one of the only ones I will host. send me an email [[email protected]]. If you want proof of my hosting just leme know and I can bring up a server of something. My key is Kyubikitsune and I'm looking forward to your updates.
I will think about it, are you a 24/7 host?
Sorry for the delay. I'm trying to get all of the updates finished.
i knew he wasnt going to keep the game up -_-
I need a new host..
Why server never on D:
This game is so much better than many other NNG servs its pwning xD
it is on.. its just my Sister keeps restarting my PC when I'm at School
what level for anbu
Shinobi8 wrote:
what level for anbu

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