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so mean to me D': lol you hooker.
oi oi, caution, hi hi lol how u been whts server like nao
can i be unbaaned?
Geez your server reminds me of why I played MJ all those days of my youth.
i need to be unbanned i accidently killed travleing dude
Game closed? Been a while since I've been on. Years if you would. Curious if there has been changes to byond where I may need to open ports on my router to play games? Or is this a private beta server open?
can u unbann us plz
PLEASE unban me Secxs
Im sorry to bother you I truly, truly am but I would be very happy If you were to unban me from your game, I accidently bumped into the quest guy when i had auto-bump-attack on due to lag.
lol crono, remember you man, from godly server, jesus. the amount of people on this from the old days.
secxs, i'm sorry to bother but could you unban me please i accidently bump on the quest guy.
hey Secxs plz unbanned me
Hi secxs,

I was wondering if you got the original source code from MJ?
I am trying to learn how to create the same kind of huds like in MJ and i always learn fastest from source codes.

If you would give me a reply to [email protected] i would really apreciate it also if you dont want to send it please let me know.

Thank you very much for your time already,

You wont learn shit from other peoples work. All that's called is copy and paste. Your not actually "learning" anything... Figure it out or ask for advice via the BYOND forum.

And by the way... Secxs doesn't give out codes... I've known him for a very long time... >_>
I'd say learn proper grammar then try to learn code :P
Lol, you jokesters. "plzxz unban me" haha. Wish I'd have paid attention to the shoutbox sooner. Oh well. Regret is unprofessional, and so is giving out entire source codes at the drop of a hat, in my opinion. I'd be more than happy to code a HUD tutorial and post it on public resources for you and others Chaokai. Perhaps I will, time permitting. Thanks for the idea man :) Cheers
Source code reading can actually be very beneficial to learning how to program if written well.

I'm surprised you're still on here! Hope all is well, my same-named friend ;)
Hey Bro why isnt MD up atm
Hey man, my computer broke so i've been using fedora ( which doesnt support byond). on top of fhat,my keyboard broke too so if my grammar is shit irs because im using an on-screen keyboad. anyway, hope all is well.b -inu
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