The pixel artist is NOT open! I got the job two weeks ago.
oh well i didnt know
hey ace can i apply for admin i can help the game
Excuse me I have a question Aceraptor, I'm making a pokemon game and i'm having a very difficult problem spawning the pokemons.Can you help me make or tell me the spawn codes any help would be much appreciated. :)
Hey, Ace.I want to ask you if you want to be a GM and a beta tester for my Pokemon game.You could ask some but you'll need to tell me their key at the hub comment.
Ace what are the requirements for Galactic [Lut, Co-Leader etc]
can u host a castle server please
Hi Ace it's Crow.
Just thought I would drop in to say hi :D
ace why did you dict hreborn while i was gone what happened well i was gone if you can please give me the details
If you need a host for the game hit me up.
Game will be up 24/7 or however long you want it to be.
Hey can I get the source?
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