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Okay so i was wondering like is there a place here where you can just put up free stuff or old games that you never finished x_x? I gots some stuff i feel like putting up and idk where to post ehm.
Never heard of such a thing but best bet might be to make a site of your own and zip the files and then link people to it I think.
Off Topic works. If you think your code is short and straightforward enough, you could paste the code into Tuts & Snips.
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Oh god not there are NO codes worth while xD just games with icons D: that's why i quit many games they end up with no codes just icons,
Just throw them into Dropbox share the folder and post the link on one of the sub-forums here.

I suppose Demos / Libraries could be ok as it'll be a library of icons?
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Lols Library then :3 Thanx