Fused Finale

by ACWraith
Fused Finale
Guide travellers to the warp gate with procedurally generated rhythm.
Here's a quick update for my rhythm action game with randomly generated scifi ambiance, Fused Finale. I figured I'd squeeze it in as long as the Imagination Competition deadline has been extended.

MdNight stands with SuperAntx on the difficulty when travelers turn just before the warp. I changed the last map with that feature so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. I shifted the warp down a tile, but I hope that doesn't matter. Besides, it opens up doors for the design of more maps later.



(Again, remember that colors and floor tile details are random... Also, I caught the scan flash! Go me!)

In an effort to make the songs "more pleasing", I also changed the music generation to remove the chances of a long stream of notes with the same pitch. Later versions will likely offer different instrument blends as well.