Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Keywords: goon, link, station, svn
Who can give me goonstation 13 working SVN link
or link to zip archive
Goon is closed source, not gonna get it
Even goon member?
Goon isn't going to give you their source.
You can get TG Source or BS12 Source.

Which are both good
i think Goon station is the best one i tried tg and bay
You're not getting the code. They will never give it to you.
The Goon Station code is under a private SVN, but it's not closed source in the normal sense, it's still under the GPL according to the sticker on the front. Basically if someone had the source, there would be no legal issue with them giving it out.
From what I was told, the SVN used to be given out sometimes (by the people currently working on it) but they got fed up with people asking for the SVN then immediately advertising for servers using said SVN in minutes. It will not currently be given out, to my knowledge.
You're saying "Closed" 3 months after the last reply.. *smashes head onto desk*