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I often have access to seamless textures that I want to scroll. However, this currently requires me to paste/Insert() redundant frames that bloat icon files. The effect is especially noticeable now that we have larger resolution options. It becomes even more so when you consider the increased number of frames required to make a larger resolution look less choppy.

Instead, I would like BYOND to support scrolling when only given a single frame. I believe this would be easier for developers and more efficient for anyone downloading the resources.

The states in the icon files containing the frames could be marked as scrolling. Like any other animation, their delay could affect how often they are updated. Developers could then input the periodic horizontal and vertical offsets directly into the icon states. (Though I'd likely leave it on, whether or not the animations "wrap" similar to icon.Shift() might also be an option.)
I could see this supporting multiple frames as well. Just play them as normal while scrolling them. You could then have things like glowing moving lava.
True. Me likey. =)

I was thinking along those lines with a proc implementation of the concept, but I forgot to port it over.
This would be great. I currently have a 64-frame large scrolling cloud icon. It slows down the game immensely when I make the screen any larger than the original size (which is only 320x240). It was also a pain to make.