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Enjoy ur new membership :D
USSJ4 Cat wrote:
Enjoy ur new membership :D

Thanks, I'll use it to the fullest.
hi Sphinxe1 am Brazilian and I saw many of its icons, and wonders what kind of tool you use, I would also say that I found you very good (a) XD
Anything I add [email protected]
yo to be real wit you, your background mad emo
Dang I like the new CSS
still needs some more work
Lol at first I was wondering just who might gollum be...then I thought LODTR
Sphinxe1 wrote:
still needs some more work

everything needs more work to you
Yeah that's why I say this to every chick that has ever bothered me, buzz off chick you feather me...just spread your wings and let me be who I really wanna be

!!! yeah haha rhyme Session!
Get in this!
-this chick wanna be with me forever
-and i said never
-we cant be together
-and now she became a demon
-haunting me day and night even -when im dreamin'
-i just wanna be a freeman
lol I rapped that to my super fly beat
I would like to contact you regarding a paid pixel art job. Please do contact me on [email protected]
Also small text!:P
Sup bro. Haven't talked to you in a while.
yeah powersupply burned out in my pc so now im on a sucky windows 2000 pc with blank HD atm
damn sucks for you.
hey um sphinxe can you be the head admin on project bltd becuase of your amzing work
Can you icon Bases ?

I'm a programmer in need of a pixel artist, and if I remember correctly you are one. I've got an original fan-driven project that's actually outside the anime category, but I need art that's done in a semi similar fashion. If you have time to talk with me, that would be amazing. Even if you're not interested I'd like a moment of your time.

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