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I've been playing a lot of Star Trek: Conquest lately.  It's a turn-based territorial dispute game.  While the license might make one expect greater production values, I've really been enjoying it...  Well, the turn-based portion anyway.  Choosing to fight a battle using the arcade mode results in hand-cramping frustration.  Fortunately, I've been finding that most of the battles can be resolved instantly based on the ships involved.  (Granted, I have yet to try the hard mode.)  There's also a simulation mode where orders can be issued while the battle wages in real time, but I have yet to find a reason to use it.

  • Last week, Indie Fund offered some thoughts about their submission process.  They're reasonable tips if you're looking for their help.
  • Over at Gm3r, Matt Madeiro has been writing a column called Indie Quest that attempts to "reveal the hidden gems of the gaming world".  Thus far, the gm3s games appear to be those that already have a following in indie circles, but it's all relative I guess. =)
  • In the Ludum Dare community, Mike Kasprzak has issued a challenge to make a game, take it to market and either sell one copy, license it or earn $1 in ad revenue.  Entrants have until the end of October.
  • IndieGames is now producing a podcast.  Two episodes have been released thus far.
  • Starcraft commentator Sean "Day[9]" Plott is just a month or so away from the 200th episode of his Day[9] Daily.  He has been switching it up lately with themes for each day of the week.  Mondays are "Funday Mondays" where viewers are asked to submit replays with specific tasks.  The first involved winning with Zerg and no queens.  The second forbid Protoss winners from expanding until they built Carriers.  The next will involve Terrans winning without Marines, Marauders or Tanks.

Mecha Destroyer JD is again working on his RTS, Ultra Strife.  It's back in the guild.  Check it out!

I bookmarked multiple attempts to host sessions like a good little digest columnist.  Then I forgot to add the game to the guild to help him get testers.  Plus, the game can now be downloaded and it includes a help file.  There's not even a concern over future accessibility issues.  GAH!

Sorry, Mecha Destroyer JD!

JP submitted a chess variant to IainPeregrine's Game in a Day event using the themes "base" and "metamorphosis".  Rather than putting Kings in check, the goal is to have more pieces on the opposing side of the board.  Meanwhile, Kings have the ability to change the abilities of adjacent allies.  I'm generally wary of listing GiaD entries without knowing if they'll continue to be updated, but check it out.

VcentG responded to co-owner Branks' call for Wyllshire Road suggestions in the game's discussion tab.  Whether or not they are implemented, additions to the horror defense game might include new stages, graphics, bosses and units that require specific weapons to be defeated efficiently.  There could also be a Hardcore mode with a continuous wave of enemies, a Survival mode with a money limit and Time mode where the map will scroll as players struggle to escape a city doomed to explode.

Acebloke didn't manage to submit an entry to the GiaD, but he attempted to make up for it with a list of unreleased games and a personal challenge to release seven games in seven days.  The list is long, but it includes multiple RTS projects along with a city simulation.  There's even another entry to his Wargames series.

While he made progress a couple weeks ago, Hiro the Dragon King announced that his collectible card game game based on the BYOND community would not be finished in time for BYOND Casual's Imagination Competition.  With the release of his unrelated GiaD entry, he has now stated that the CCG is being put on the back burner.  He still has the desire to complete the project.  Apparently, a pilfered pencil problem petered into procrastination.  Pontificate.

I redesigned my racing combat board game, StarScurrier.  Again.  Twice.  Mainly I had to compromise between my desire to have simultaneous turns and the need for certain actions to have a specific order.  I also simplified the resource distribution quite a bit for players.  What energy is used for depends on the current phase.

Iterate, iterate, iterate...

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

Sign the petition from the Electronic Consumers Association submitted along with their amicus brief in the case of Schwarzenegger v. EMA. Protect your gamer rights!

I am a conservative swine. FREEDOM?? WHO NEEDS THAT?

Freedom to game?!
If the Supreme Court Judges have any sense of style or humor, this case will come to trial and the judge will look at the docket and say, "What did I say last time? No means no!"
lol, I had no idea I was in multiple posts on BYOND Strategy. Makes me feel cool and want to do more.

*head inflates* Yeah, I'm cool.
Lol. Not as cool as me, but MAYBE someday you will be mistah VG Burger. Anyhow... Wyllshire needs to resurface. It still is fun, but needs structure.