Alright, you all probably don't know but I've been in the process of getting my GED; today I went in for my orientation and TABE test which basically tells them where I am at grad level wise. I walked out of there with a big grin on my face after I was told I'd receive my GED in less than two weeks, with just some minor brushing up in Math; who can't use brushing up? Other than that... it's been my own laziness due to us not having a programmer. "US?" you ask? I forgot to mention that I actually have two other members of the team, one recently recruited today and the other has been with me from the beginning, so without further adieu I introduce to you, the others!:
Cody123100 (Cody)
Mesmerise (Mes)

Mes has been helping me learn pixel art for a good while, but I finally started getting interested in it only a few months back. Cody, most of you might know, is a programmer. He's recently started wanting to produce a Naruto game, which we'll get to in a few, but he's helping us out with this and probably will be a permanent part of this team!

OoA!: Out of Ammo! update
Mes and I have been slowly progressing further with the artwork, though it's not much, we've in the process come up with a lot of great ideas and MAJOR W.I.P's. Nonetheless it's being worked on, here is a preview of the mess we've made together:

It's not much, but I think the feature list we created is a little more impressive (it's not 100% complete, expect more): OoA! Feature List!
**It's an .RTF (Rich Text Document), didn't think posting a HUGE list would be ideal.

Naruto Revelations(?) Update!
**Alpha Shot from MONTHS ago**

Naruto Revelations was a game I started working on with Lendgens/Savior, who vanished after a while, completely. Nobody has talked to him, so I slowly lost interest. After a while of scrounging Byond I read a post by Cody which stated he wanted to start making his own game. I asked him about it prior and sent him all the files I had from NR, so... basically, that's being worked on. I'm probably gonna change the name... can't think of anything more to say about this so... next!

CSS Layout WIP: CSS Coder Wanted!

I need ideas on what to do with this, so I can finish it up. I also need a person relatively good with CSS to help me make this our page layout!

Okay, that's all! Girlfriend is nagging me, I'm out!
-UPD4T3 (Andrew)
So much re-post lately.
Kaimana wrote:
So much re-post lately.

My little brother deleted it, and I came around the corner and had to repost it. Thank God for Notepad back-ups.

I just had Deja-vu.
I could do the CSS Layout... But I want paying, feel free to offer me an amount (If you are willing to pay).

- Howey/Liam