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Well its been nearly 10 years sense I stepped onto byond. I remember when I was on a text based game called a M.U.D (Multi Universal Dungeon) coding a simple kamehameha attack string. When someone spoke of a online game. At first I was sickened. "Eww Runescape wannabe" as I listened then interested. "What.. 8bit and 16bit games.. interesting". I stepped onto this universe and behold. Byond. Of course im not using my real key. Thesixsamurai been the key i use the name Songi on. Known as a Coder, Mapper, Icon' er and even yes a Hacker. Its been a good run. Never once I have thought of leaving this game. not even when I was on "World of Warcrap" I enjoy it here. I use.. to at least. I remember when I use to chase Masterdan On Gekisen as a legendary member of Night Rider. Attila they called me. I Remember when that song about skeet skeet came out and i made a white Kikohi (Idea from Bre Bre) and shot people with it, stunning them.. haha. I even remember all my "epic" fights with the Admin Kakashi from shinobi. Back then it was so fun, actual real people not robots basically. I saw the raise of people who love me and then at the same time hated me. Gotta love being able to change your IP at the same time. I even remember hanging out with Nadrew on other keys which I still wont tell anyone who I really am. But as for Songi and my Real life.. I must leave. To much time spent working plus Final Fantasy 14. Ooo yeh. I mean my legacy will live on. I have made people who they are from the mental abuse and the way I help with them through their coding. Kamaro and Lord Sesshomaru are my two final heirs. I leave the sources and harassment to them. (jk) but really. I will miss byond. I will be gone as my key will be passed around through brothers and sisters lol. hey a member key still active for a bit. thats something you cant go idle on. Once in awhile ill appears on DMG (God I love card games) but really. I will miss everyone. Thank you all for making this game (Dan+tom and all other un-named coders) so epic and all icon artist (taka123 talking about you
)all your work. I know byond will still grow. But with players these days. I just hope games dont die like all other good games. If i could go back in time id save tons of games that had so much promise.. but sadly as time goes intelligence dwindles. Joe Tenkichi keep being your crazy self. Kamaro keep trying to be like Kira from Deathnote (lol) and Sesshomaru ... try to date real girls once in awhile and all others. Thank you for ever playing a game I coded for or asked for help. Lastly. Naruto: Ninja Arts. That game claims that I never attributed. Yet I was the one who fixed all the problems and got the best dang private coder (Kenichi) to join. Even if no one likes working for Storm King or Kenichi i think they belong together (lol sorry if that was cruel for those who get it) But none the less. I songi am Out, so is my other keys. In time if you figure out who I really was dont be to suprised. My msn is [email protected], yahoo is Thesixsamurai, and finally my aim is pyriel88. I still have many sources. I will give you all if asked. I don't mind giving my work out or the work i collected from others. Just dont ask for my src ripper ;D bye all. Miss ya. and finally. There will be another another who will fill my boots. Its part of a legacy. I will have a successor. A ocder who decides to travel rip to rip to code original ideas into it just to make people happy. Anyway. Stay Gold Byond. *Bang*
Why you leaving?
Ryuk25 wrote:
Why you leaving?

he be back in a week
See you next week :D
NejiUzumaki23 wrote:
See you next week :D

It's not that I don't believe you've been here since DUNG... it's just that you're making a big deal out of leaving. Why do people make a big deal out of leaving things? If you really are leaving then leave, but don't make an entirely illegible wall of text explaining everything you've done on BYOND (honestly it just looks like you've made a couple of rips that didn't make it anywhere) and why you're leaving.

The fact that you couldn't break apart this wall of text and your abuse of the English language makes me just not want to read any of this, so sorry if nothing I've said made any sense.
lol ten years..
Original key?
Wow.. No mention of Songi's alleged son, Dingo :/ Screw this I hate my life.