If someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be wonderful. So far all I know about is ATP.
ATP is like the best, so is ZEN hosting
Hello. I seen your Post on the Blog of Byond.
ATP and Dbzen are good hosting sites. I'm also a Newer Company coming up who offers Website Hosting, and Byond Hosting. You can check this out on my Company page.

Good luck.
Yours Truly,
CEO of Reincarnation Inc.
Joe (Tenkichi)
ATP Host.
@Sliced Death: How can ATP and ZEN be the best? The best implies that there is none that are greater. Way to contradict yourself.

@Tenkichi, You're the CEO? Is it a legal business, or should I call the IRS?

@Doodoo Productions: Go with ATP or purchase yourself a VPS. Joe is reliable and won't screw you over as long as you pay him right and proper.

You can get a cheap VPS for $20 / month and do whatever you want with it though. File Storage, and hosting(game, web, etc).