Keywords: blaech, hiatus
Bleach's on hiatus for the next two three weeks. Seems like we get to see more of it... I seriously thought it'd end this week...

Well, it's at least getting interesting, it started to get a little boring under that arc...
I'm digging the avatar.
Rofl... Randomness ftw :p
I'm actually really looking forward to the new arcs. I was about to give up bleach with the aizen arc, but now... For some reason, I'm excited to read the next bleach chapter..
MangaStream said 2 weeks but they made a mistake its 3 weeks.

Also only 2 arcs left till its over.
If we're talkin' anime. I found the Bount arc went on seemingly forever. I was incredibly pleased to see it end.

And oh my god your background just loaded and it is foul. =(
I'm talking manga.

Also, I chose some random brushes on photoshop and chose random colors and effects... Gonna change the background soon...

I know, the first one will be about 8 months and the second arc will be for 2-3 years mangastream said.