Re-Defined 2

by Ss4 core
Re-Defined 2
We are coming back.. Only 100% more Original.
:Beta Testing:

The original, "Re-Defined 2", has been lost.
As a result, I am re-creating the game from ground-up.

~March 15, 2015~

Beam system is almost done.
BuildSystem is in Progress
Auras are in
First Version of Earth is Completed
Beam Customization in Progress

~March 3rd, 2015~

Built a brand new combat system from the ground up.
Next update will include the new beam system.
Haha, Hopefully you work on this game some more, so it can be the Ultimate DBZ game.
YEAH hooyra for numba 2! many memories associated with the first the second one. This game better come back up Core, or I'll murder you in your sleep :D.
Dude just keep it off the hub and you could post server links somewhere off byond
so when this gonna be back up again?
The game's still isn't completely done, So please be patient, The staff's are working as hard as they can to improve it and finish it. So be patient :).
how do u get to the fucking server
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I like this game
I like it alot.
how come cant join when the games up
I like being Saiyan better.