Naruto Fallen Night

by Marcinos13
Naruto Fallen Night
Game Is Updating All The Time

Owner: Marcinos13
Admins: Nightmare,

Only One Kage, One Sage And Three Sannins In Each Village.

Dont Ask For Kage Or Org Leader. Get It At a tourny Or Beat Or Leader Kage For It.

Dont Ask For Gm.

Respect Owners And Admins.

Dont Tell Anyone How Get Mugen Tsukiyomi If You Will You Will Get Pwipe Or Ban.

If You See An Admin Who Abused Power Talk To Marcinos13.

1)Don't ask for GM
2)Don't harrass players
3)Don't ask for free ranks or boosts
4)Don't disrespect GM's
5)Follow all rules
6)Do not use frequent profanity
7)Ask for help
8)No use pornagraphy links or pics allowed at all. Consiquence not to follow is Perm Ban.
9)Do not jail avoid. Results in Temp ban/5 Min Ban. If it continues, Perm ban!
10)Have Fun!

GM Rules:
1)No announcing for no reason
2)No banning for no reason
3)Follow Player rules
4)Help players
5)Don't ask for a hgher rank. Results in Demotion
6)Enforce rules at all times
7)Don't boot, mute, ban, nor jail because you don't like the person/people
8)No giving certain people special treatment
9)No free boost, ranks, or jutsu's of any kind
10)Have fun !

<IMG SRC= NarutoVillageSymbols.jpg


Mizukage - Mist:
Hokage - Leaf:
Tsukikage - Moon:
Tsuchikage - Rock:
Yukikage - Snow:
Raikage - Cloud:
Grass Feudal Lord:
WaterHero - Waterfall:
Kazekage - Sand:
Otokage - Sound:
Amekage - Rain:
Hoshikage - Star:
Yamikage - Dark:
Blood Lord - Blood:
Taiyoukage - Sun:


Test = Genin
Pass Exam = Chuunin
2.5e+007 = Jounin
5e+007 = Hunter Nin
5e+008 = Anbu
5e+009 = Anbu Captain
Kage Choose = Sannin
Win At Tourny = Kage/Org Leader

<img src= akatsuki

Akatsuki Leader: Marcinos13

Sorry guys won't be on for a couple of days or so my byond is infected so i can't play or page i just hope it gets fixed tommmorow :P
i'm back well i'v been back for a couple of days and my comp is fixed so lets celebrate by playing Fallen night=D