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I wanna host your game Ultimanium. Please msg me.
hey man i was just wondering do you think i could get the host file for dwm? not to host just to play. i really miss that game. if not thats fine but i figured id ask. sorry to bother you!
I second this. I would even pay you for the host files. DWM is still easily the best RPG I've ever played on BYOND and I've been here for 7 years.
I know right? I would love to play it again. It is my favorite game that I have ever played on BYOND.
Hey Unknown Person, long time no talk to lol, its been years prolly 6-7 maybe you remember me maybe you don't. I was one of the strongest people on your game DWM R.I.P EAZY-E. Anyway i enjoyed the hell out of the game when i was 15-16 now beong 23 i still would play the hell out of. Please bring it back Please.
Hey bud, just like these other people here, I really want to play Dragon Warrior Mythology again. I will pay you for the host files (no source code or anything, not trying to steal your shit). I'll even not host it if you don't want me to, I just want it for myself. Shoot me a message bout this.
Hey, I miss your game :( Been here since 2003. Wish there was a way to finally finish it. I came so close before it shut down.