Casual Quest

by IainPeregrine
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
Dead, essentially. Laptop is dead, hard drive crashed. These days I have very limited access to the internet or even phone service. Right now I'm visiting a relative to help with their computer problems, so I'm checking my stuffs online.

There's a small chance that the files are on an undamaged portion of the HD that could be recovered by an expert. I could also go back to a version I had backed up from when I had regular internet access - but that's a non-starter. I can't consider that option until my life is back to being stable vis--vis food, housing, job, phone, etc.
Wow, that sucks :\. I was really looking forward to seeing your progress on the game... I hope you manage to get back your files!
This game really needs a regular host.

Casual Quest(Moded Server)
I'll be hosting fairly regularly. The server should be lag free for the most part, although my internet isn't perfect it's reliable enough. If the server needs a restart feel free to message me. I'll host for a while, it would be nice to see people playing Casual Quest again.
Really great game! I think the main thing it needs is some music.

I also would like more clarity in how classes are decided, as it is still a mystery to me whether what I choose has any effect at all, or if I just get assigned a class randomly.

I saw you were planning an improved version of this game with graphics. If you are, I would like to check it out! Or if you come back to this project on BYOND, that would be awesome!
1) It originally had audio. I discovered early on that (at the time) defining a sound anywhere in the project would result in poorer network performance, so I removed the audio. I can only speculate that Dream Daemon (at the time) simplified the network protocol if Dream Maker told it there was no audio involved. Things may be different now, I haven't done any DM development since my last Windows computer crashed in 2014.

2) There are four class level types, Knight, Priest, Mage, and Rogue. Each card choice adds one level type, and some also subtract a level type. For instance, choosing to share treasure with your party adds priest and removes rogue, while keeping it for yourself does the opposite. Each class has a level type signature, e.g. Paladin == KP (one knight, one priest). Keeping treasure for yourself is +R-P, resulting in KR, barbarian. It's meant to be quasi-random to increase replay value, but over time you learn the cards. Info on most of the classes can be found here: casual_quest/class_paths.html

3) The improved version was lost in a period of instability in my life. Sadly, no backup remains. My life is now much more stable, but I have no plans to resume programming. If I ever do, remaking CQ would be the first project I'd take on; I feel that I owe that to the contributors.

Thanks for the compliments! I'd come play with you if I could get BYOND working on my linux machine.
Thanks for the update! That's a very sensible reason to leave off the audio. And I do really like the class system! It's really exciting to try out the different classes, and try the different maps. I think the game has greater re-playability because of the randomness of maps and classes and bosses. I feel like it is a new adventure each time. I'm still encountering enemies that I've never seen before!

It's too bad that BYOND has some compatability issues with systems besides Windows. I hope BYOND is able to update to allow easier play on various devices.

Anyway, thanks for the great game!
Hey, Iain.. Any thoughts to giving someone GM commands at all? If I host regularly more or less I would love to have them. You know me as a guy not to abuse them, and there are a few times when they're handy. It's just nice to have the ability, and someone around regularly to use them for the benefit of runners in case shit happens and whatnot. Either way, CQ lives.
In response to Seferiel
Seferiel wrote:
Hey, Iain.. Any thoughts to giving someone GM commands at all?

What kind of GM commands are you looking for? There's the ban command that isn't as good as the one in DM, and then there's the abilities to start the game on any wave, and to change people class. That's it, unless I'm forgetting something. I basically use those two to restart a game if it crashes or get someone back to their class if their connection died.
That was basically it. Just the ability to change peoples classes. If we were doing a run for fun kind of deal, and someone disconnected or something happened on my end (server) and messed up the run, it'd be nice to have the ability to "restart" in a way, giving them their class back. I wasn't looking for anything grand, and nothing that I didn't think was terribly unreasonable. I don't know who you trust to have that kind of command, but I figured I would ask anyway. I don't know how well the scoreboard works anymore, and I don't know who even cares anymore, but if I was doing a run with anyone it wouldn't be for that purpose.

I had a lot of shit come up and couldn't really host the server but I can get it back up and running any time here. I'll be working from home starting this week, so it'd be easy to maintain.
The server should be good to go moving forward. I will do my best to keep it running. Any issues that come up let me know, and I will try to get the server reset as quickly as possible.

Any lag that occurs will either be because I'm not paying attention and started downloading, but that shouldn't have a huge impact on performance.
Huge fan of this game because of the nostalgic style and simple controls. Just popping in looking for a group of people or just 1 to make long runs with like long ago. PM me whenever!
Threw the server back up. May or may not pop in when I see people on. Been playing too many other backlogged games to pay much attention to BYOND lately. I've been pretty bad with remembering to start the server these days.
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