Pokémon Mystery

by Jimmy889
Pokémon Mystery
New Pokémon game,coming soon.
how do u host?
u cant he means like when he finished editing we can/might not be a backup host
we? so ur including urself as GM already?
This comment log is quite entertaining.
it actually is kumorii,especially the arguments
when is the game coming on? psd ppl are annoying
I need a new host,I'm currently working on adding more Pokemon in the wild.
Should I add Al trainers,and Al Gym leader instead of players becoming Gym leader?
The only game that ever successfully managed to do that was Pokemon Darklight, which I was fortunate enough to have been a developer for.

Just saying, I highly doubt you would be capable of developing a stable gym leader AI.
Looks great. Longing to play it. Can you put the host files on or just share them with me? I think my VPS can handle two games :)
are you going to put attacks from the begining
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