It's time to cut down my game video folder again. This time the focus is on platform shooters. Check out my previous post for 10 board game videos.

I'm not sure what the state of my own platform shooter is. (Other than being an unimplemented fraction of a design.) I was going to transfer my super hero legacy theme over, but it seems pointless without persistent factions. I'd rather build off of the raw mechanics.

Wow, that's an interesting collection of videos.

I think I liked Probability 0 the best, if only because of its HUD :)

Gigadeep seemed to suffer from some bugs common to BYOND games (damaging things that are dead, for example)

Super Ecksdee Panic looks like fun, if nonsensical. Reminds me of Super James Pond.

A lot of these mechanics are viable in a BYOND game. I wish we had some more platformers...
I agree that 'probability 0' is pretty neat for such a simple game. The concept is trivial and finite. The variations are endless. I like what I'm taking away from it though. Game design can often times start off so trivial that it's almost laughable.

Game Idea: Try to live as long as possible while constantly moving in a downward direction.

Added Complexity (The Features):
- Solid blocks which ...
- A monster which ...
- Ability which ...

I would love to experience the joy of comparing my original game idea to the final product design. I've never actually come up with such a simple one line game idea though. I'm always dreaming and envisioning new game ideas while also applying my standard must have features (mp, persistence, resources, upgrades, highscores, building, expansion, tech trees, and etc). Looking back, I suspect I've unnecessarily made a complicated mess out of a number of game designs.

My game designer mind has been coming down to earth for a little while now. I find myself spending more cycles thinking about games that can be simple or casual. After this "revelation", if you can call it that, I suspect a significant increase in this way of thinking.

I've been reading up on software architecture for the last week and it will be interesting to see how it impacts my game designs as well. :)

Here's a better video for Cobolt. It looks nifty. =)