Lol..? okay....
EdIT: lol sorry for sounding rude up there but thanks for that reply xD . I'll try to redo a new one.
Well did an update and decide to change him completely x_x gawd damn i don't even kno why im doing this but >:O HEY~ i kno how ta make an ear(simplistic one) But yeah changed most of him but i kept some original detail cause i liek how it looked and don't wanna change it to much.
This one is actually a better pose for a title screen in my opinion, it's really interesting. To try and help out, these are the things I think that should be improved to maximize it.

1) Ear actually has sufficient quality for an anime style here, the only issue I have is that the earlobe seems to just simply not exist. Perhaps try lowering the ear a bit and fattening up the bottom.

2) Again, the perspective with the eyes is getting warped. You're angling his facial features more than the shape of his face, so it's like someone just grabbed his face and turned it a bit. The eye on the right is lower than it should be compared to the one on the left. The mouth may be fine as is, although a slight shift may help. The nose should probably also be shifted.

3) His wrist that's connecting to the staff seems a bit strained. Perhaps arch it downwards a bit so it's more like he's holding it and his wrist is turned a bit, so as to slouch. If he's holding it the way it is currently, it feels out of place somewhat.

That's about all. I've never tried this kind of thing, so I'm excited to see how well this turns out.
Lol yeah this is my first time trying something like this so im not sure yet x_x. I've only been doing art and stuff for like 2yrs now / never really liked it \ but i'm liking how its turning out . I can see what you mean by the ear x_x i know it needs fixing tho lol i'll get to it ;3. Ughhh The EYE the EYES x_x i was never really good at adding eyes and the head stuff (not mah styrel). Hmm i see whatchu mean by the wrist x_x Ahh i guess i should change it so its more down-ish or w/e.

Thanks for the help x_x again i'm only doing this cause you're helping out lol. If not i wouldn't know what to do xD. Tty ;3
It's fine, sometimes a little perspective is required! I assume that's the function of this kind of forum, it's always a good thing for the community to improve their skills.

You seem to have a pretty solid grip on the torso, hands, and facial shapes. The hair is also pretty good.
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