Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
What the hell? This isn't even fair. SuperToby Something, insulted TeenGogeta. He even said that TeenGogeta is on Death List.. Which is a MAJOR insult and is a offense crime.
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Deathmall wrote:
eternal what have you done -.-

made the game a better place
I'm glad TeenGogeta lost his rank and is baned when i wus in a server he turned auto balance off and wus being a ass to people
You fag, Gtfo. There's a rule about insulting ppl, Read rules. He have the right to mute you.
Both should be muted. Not banned, It's a mute according to your rules, EM.
This is not fair at all. This just makes BRs join the game and pros/old players leave.
BRs always just complain if they're banned/muted. I mean seriously, Check the forums. 99% of the players just make random topics crying about being muted/banned without any proof, and without telling the people who banned/muted them and also without telling the reason.

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Eternal_Memories wrote:
TeenGogeta has lost his rank and has been banned.

What about Doom I can't believe he hasn't lost admin yet and he abuses too
I wonder if he will have the guts to say that I also edited, I agree with this post, I get insulted all the time and he doesn't do a thing, but when I insult I get muted. Here is an example of a random mute.

{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} X-SoulEater-X: Why did you mute leo?
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} Shemar321- Karin: Ndei is low
- Jorge Palomino has logged in! -
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} Shemar321- Karin: SUPER LOW
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} X-SoulEater-X: im not lagging fire
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} X-SoulEater-X: IM FREE
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} Shemar321- Karin: ONE HIT
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} X-SoulEater-X: FREE OF LA
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} X-SoulEater-X: G
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} X-SoulEater-X: YES
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} TeenGogeta- Guren: because he made us die
{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} TeenGogeta- Guren: then talks shit
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