Bleach Soul Path

by Sanzui
Need staff
Iconer=Co owner or owner
Coder=Automatic owner on the spot
Mapper=Co owner or owner
if interested in Host contact me through my byond pager or [email protected]
MEGA OWNERS(All Verbs,able to choose gm)=Sanzui,
Owners=(a lot of verbs(only one)
Co owners=(Majority of verbs(only two)
Master Admins=(good verbs(only two)
Admins=(Some verbs(only one)
Enforcers=(not a lot of verbs(only two)
Trail enforcers=(couple of verbs(only two)
1.Don't criticize.
2.No racism.
3.No safe zone killing.
4.Apply on forms for gm(i check it very often.
5.Have fun.
Gm Rules
1.No abusing power( only i can do that :))
2.Respect each other (even if your owner respect those less than you).
3.If you want a raise ask Sanzui or other mega owner.
4.Follow player rules too.

To get on to the game go to icons then text the click on the n if you want to load it go to text again and click on the l (this is why i need help with the game)
to get out of text repeat icons then click on text again