by Luis455
An Ever Expanding Game !
Customizable Character Build Priority:
Using the Strength, Control, Reflex and Intelligence Stat system coupled with over 100 original, canon Naruto skills that are all coded with great care with an emphasis on balance and strategy and Passive skills all accessible within an easy to understand skill tree Naruto GOA is incredibly easy to get in to but also incredibly deep as there are thousands of possibilities for character builds with no right answer. Skill plays the most important part in the game as it should, as opposed to putting a strict emphasis on level.

An Advanced Character Save System:
Savefiles in GOA are between 0.5-1.5kb per character, because of the incredibly efficient compression of player saves Naruto GOA has been able to implement a very incredible system where player saves are stored in a central server, but there may be many actual game servers to play on. Saves are retrieved from the main server and no matter which server you want to play you'll have the same character. This means accidental Playerwipes never happen! Whats better effective gameplay design principles ensure that GOA doesnt require Playerwipes at all! Your time spent enjoying the game will stay, keeping you ever motivated to come back and play more...
And Much! Much More join the game to check it out

Special Thanks to Masterdan, Kobata, Dipic and everyone else who continued developing this game over the years.
need a host exte?
i am hyll
Why is the game down?
yeah.. I'm always missing the days its online.
hey its the same dud Genzin i really want to play this game cause the icons look so nice i just want to host and play the game and have fun
did the server crash?
Whats going on with the server?
this coming up? =)
In response to WSHGC
Nope =)
Man i really want to play Goa again :( #Akihiro Hayato
In response to Duindruiel
all i can say is something is coming by summer, just wait a bit ;)
Vohohoho! i will wait for it ^_^
Do you have a discord ? A website??
Omg!! I waited years for this
OMFG! Please let this be true. I miss GOA in my life!!!
It's Summertime already. Can you please give us a possível date range? I need to at least smell This game again brother.
Cheers and good work!
Please make it playable! :) It's summertime! We're too hyped!
Is it coming back up?
where is the game!?
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