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...And, after a bit of filler, I'm back.  Does it strike anyone else as strange that the guy writing a link digest column has digestive problems?

  • Librarian and board game expert Scott Nicholson has been answering questions through Vyou.  The service allows viewers to type in questions that can be answered with two-minute videos.  Quite a few have been asked.  Be polite.
  • Starcraft commentator Husky has been interviewed by eSports site MYM.  He also recently celebrated 100 million views with a match between the old Emperor, Boxer, and the new hotness, The Little One.
  • On GameSetWatch, Tom Curtis has interviewed Red Redemption on their climate change-based strategy title, The Fate Of The World.
  • The International Center for the History of Electronic Games has acquired papers documenting the career of Dan Buntun  (Dani Duntun Berry) from the developer's family. Buntun created games such as M.U.L.E., Modem Wars, Wheeler Dealers, Robot Rascals, Heart of Africa, Cartels & Cutthroats, Cyber Masters, and Computer Quarterback.  Check the exhibit out if you're around Rochester, NY.
  • Over at GameHounds, Edie Sellers has written an open letter to G4 upon hearing that it has been dumped form DirecTV...  You're mean, but I love you Edie. ;)
  • Speaking of mean, the fourth round of Indie Kombat has ended.  Andrew Banov's metroidvania, Escape from the Underworld, has been making the rounds.  Andrew Brophy appears to have been given the chance to make a late entry.  (They're probably sick of people dropping out.)  Alec S and David Prior are up next.
  • Pixel Prospector is attempting to create a video compilation of indie games.  You can both help and earn prizes that include recording software and games.
  • If you'd like to give rather than receive, The Digital Cowboys are accepting donations.  I've been a fan of their intelligent podcasts for ages.
  • Can't think for yourself?  Here's a bunch of quotes from indie game developers.

Acebloke has a new computer to host his games.  The latest version of his featured abstract board game, Exploder, should be available to test soon.  I'm anxious to see the new interface in action.

Barring connection problems, Wargames should be hosted in its economic/military simulation glory soon after.  A map screen for easier targeting might be included.  Likewise, positioning schools and hospitals might become more important.

Meanwhile, a wiki has been created for the Spore-inspired Dreamland.

Mobius Evalon's Board Game Chat is back in the guild after a brief removal.  I don't know why I wasn't seeing a public server before, but there's been at least one running since the last Tech Tree.  Meanwhile, the in-game log lists an update from October 18th.  That means players have access to the recently added medals. =)

Vexonator is going to attempt to update the tactical fantasy Surreal Dreams before the end of the year.  For reasons unmentioned, he claims that he will not be able to update again.  Get your suggestions and bug reports in NOW!

It appears VcentG will be working on Wyllshire Road solo from now on.  The accompanying rant hints that the game's art could get an overhaul, but motivation appears low...  Ya know, I probably wouldn't be linking to underage Halloween sluts and possible drama if I wasn't making up for a column.  Screw you, pancreas!

An update has been released as I write this.  Honestly, the interface appears big and bulky, but I suppose I should actually, you know, play to see if the space serves a function.

Continuing attempts to give BYOND Anime some mechanical variety outside of RPGs, Maximus_Alex2003 posted some design notes for an RTS within the Dragonball universe.  There's at least one mechanic I find interesting.  Characters could be purchased with resources, but each would be unique.  Those owned by opponents could be killed and revived on one's own side.  This stays true to the way franchise's characters get both wished back to life and possessed for dream matches.

NanayaZero is attempting to create a trading card game.  It appears help with implementing card collecting, deck construction and battling would be appreciated.  Fortunately, NanayaZero has some ideas to get the ball rolling.  Unfortunately, nobody has replied to his thread... and I went into bookmark-blogger mode instead of offering my experience from PathWrath and Occupied Forces. *sigh*

It took my hospitalized pancreas and I longer then expected to implement the third phase of my racing combat board game, StarScurrier, but it's done.  Players can now choose whether to spend energy attacking each other or save it for their shields.  The post also discusses a mechanic used during the phases with simultaneous turns.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

Sign the petition from the Electronic Consumers Association submitted along with their amicus brief in the case of Schwarzenegger v. EMA... Granted, it's a bit late now. Where was your concern before last week's dedicated digest? I've been displaying this banner since early July. You don't read this thing do you?

If you check the Wyllshire Road hub, there is revealed info what to expect in v0.7 this month. If you haven't tried the game out, you should venture over and play. It's fun.
I could have predicted the demise of G4 a long time ago.

Actually, early last year they switched to digital-only. Anyone using Charter Cable without a digital cable receiver is unable to view the channel. Since I don't have a box, I'm unable to watch G4. Though, it's highly unlikely I'd tune in anyway.

Most of what was good about Tech TV before the hostile takeover was salvaged and reformatted. Since I'm able to tune in to their form of media at my leisure, it's actually far superior to regular old TV. If I wanted to listen to This Week in Tech, I'd just download the podcast and start listening to it right now. If I wanted to watch Attack of the Show, I'd have to wait through about 8 hours of Cops until it came on again.

Tech TV was indeed struck down, but it has become far more powerful than G4 could possibly imagine.
I'm a bit confused on how you did the structure of this article.
For me, at least, clicking on the Member's icon links them to the icon with the invite flag.
Clicking on SD's hub-icon just takes you to the icon.

Other than that, great article.
Hope your digestion problem disappears.
@Maximus_Alex2003: It's how I enlarge screenshots. When there isn't a screenshot, I use a hub icon. When there isn't a hub icon, I use an avatar. The link may seem pointless, but it keeps the interface consistent. Rather than including extra text or hoping mice hover over the right item, every picture can be clicked to be viewed at its normal size.

(As for why they're invite links, it's because a version of Tech Tree gets posted on my Gamasutra blog. It's easier for me to only write items once and people around here said they didn't mind when I held a poll... Not that it has made me any money anyway.)
Ah okay, splendid article nonetheless.
Can't wait to read the next one.
I'm surprised you didn't mention the GSL Season 2 finals.

NesTea beat FoxeR. 4 to 3