inuyasha demon destruction!

by Klonoalunar
inuyasha demon destruction!
a game at in the making will be open often
this game is my first byoond hub game it will be my main game for awhile now and thee is no save yet but everytime you login yu will rechoose characcter and be at start there is no advernture so dont worry but i will put a save button or auto save up soon
please give credit to elite gaming for some of the files
ow i have the game connected to the hub so it will now be open to all
when is it gonna be up ?
when someone hosts it as i can no linger host
take pic of it and put it up XD ..cuz i got someone who could host by she mite only if she sees how the game looks...she mite also wanna help since she icons
:) really wanna play it
a slight problem, the whole data set was deleted so ive gotta recode and icon everything
wow all of it over o.o.....if or when its done add my key and invite me to be ur beta tester >:)
And ill host for you too :D
Considering youve been watching this for so long
Im going to release some secrets to you and anyone who watches this =P
I am working on a new game. LunariaMMO
I am spending lots more time on this than on any of ym other games. most of it is done BY HAND, no copy and pasting except from my own code. Ive been learning of of many different libraries. Ive beenb working on it for a week now and its coming along well. I have an inventory, Combat and lvl system(in optimizing) adding character generator, 14 weapons (two sets of 7 different weaapons including a Long sword Flail and Claws). I will add your key.
sounds very cool , but as for the Inuyasha game will that be worked on ever ? and when u make the hub for the new game post the link on here XD
Unfortunately no it will not be worked on. I will be inviting beta testers over the course of Closed alpha, I would like to invite you =D
Sweet =D
Can you accept my byond friend request
Added you