For those of my friends that dont know, my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and gums 2 months ago. from that point on I hadn't been on BYOND until just recently. And now the news for those friends that did know...My mother has succesfully gone through surgery and is now doing fine, though now harbors only half a tongue.

Thank you for all those who showed their concern.

Sorry to hear about your mom Krow.

But i am happy your back
That's a damn bad place to get Cancer I must say... Glad she can taste freedom and the entirety of life again though! (haha pun!)
Holy fuck.

Tongue or no tongue, glad to hear she's alive and well now.

Spend lots of time with your family. You'll never know how much longer you really have with them.
Glad she survived. Cancer's nasty.
hey i'm glad she's doing better man and by the way i'm back
Glad she's better man.
/wishing you both gluck!