Dragon Ball: Herpity Derp

by Neko Sennin
Dragon Ball: Herpity Derp
Just look at the screenshots and videos and read the guide. Everything is destructable and creatable by players. A self-sustaining universe run by players. Best beams on byond as well I think, including beam struggles. And tons more. RP Events exist too.

Well honestly, this game is merely a continuation of DBU, so I cannnot say much about its originality...however most people would say its a great game because its a continuation of DBU. But its still a rip, so originality would be low. So I would say about a 3.


It does have the same graphics as DBU. But the way it was presented it has a great presentation.i would say a 7, would be a close to accurate for the presenation.


I myself and several of the people that I know played it, had a great gameplay experience. DBEU has a decent staff and I honestly love the interface layout. So i am giving it a 8.

I would give this games overall about a 6 or so.