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I've been trying out various indie metroidvanias as research for my own.  Thus far, what I've discovered is that I hate platforming and inconvenient checkpoints...  No, wait.  I already knew that.

  • Here's a nifty concept from Pekka Kujansuu and Mike Meyer.  Indie developers with Twitter accounts are welcome to post links to screenshots with the hashtag #screenshotsaturday.  Those pictures are then collected in the Screenshot Saturday Gallery...  I might actually get a Twitter account now.
  • IndieDB is holding their first Indie of the Year Awards.  (They were previously part of ModDB's Mod of the Year Awards.)  Readers are encouraged to vote for who should win the Player's Choice.  Year in review articles to help the undecided are expected.
  • Tom and Melody Vasel have finished the first 50 of The Dice Tower's Top 100 games.  The list is available along with the results from the past 5 years.  Links to reviews and BoardGameGeek pages are included.
  • The first week of December is being dubbed The Indie Games Winter Uprising... by a marketing team anyway.  New games ranging from 80 to 400 Microsoft points will be available on Xbox Live Indie Games.  Check out the link for details on the games themselves.
  • Victor "Dogface" Ratliff is finally out of the bathroom!  Check out the first part of the next episode from The Dogface Show.  Then forget to point out that I have not even touched Street Fighter IV yet.

Acebloke was hosting sessions of his featured abstract board game, Exploder.  I was only able to log in briefly and didn't get to see all of the new interface in action.  Fortunately, it appears people like Sonder and Zaltron were around to help test it.  Expect the update after a few more adjustments.  Meanwhile, those who witnessed any bugs are encouraged to report them.

He's been absent for ages, but Flick lives!  Unfortunately, his games are not so lucky.  Apparently the files have been lost.  It's a death sentence for projects without downloads.  His formerly featured board game of simultaneous battles, Mano A Mano, is no more.  Unreleased projects such as Flindal BoardGame, Flindal: Kingdoms and Squadrons are gone as well.

I've been wanting to release a framework for board games that essentially links all of my libraries together and includes a default interface.  I'll probably create an early version soon so Flick can get going...  He pointed out that it means he can nag me for a change.  Aw frell.

This is what I get for linking to a rant.  Last week, VcentG said he would be working on the horror defense game Wyllshire Road solo.  This week, Branks announced that he and Saki have the pixel art covered.  Along with the new look, expect new enemies, new weapons and extended stages.  The option to changes routes seems especially promising.

Here's a friendly reminder that Vexonator is working on a final update for the tactical fantasy Surreal Dreams.  Get your feedback in now!  I left mine a few versions ago, but perhaps it should be updated.

There's still quite a bit of work to do, but the final phase of my racing combat board game, StarScurrier, is almost implemented.  It's the Trade phase.  Once complete, I'll finally have some contracts to hire workers for the other phases.  A silent version of the game should then be ready for at least some private testing.  Once the bugs are worked out, the science fiction theme will allow me to get away with bleeps and bloops from sfxr.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

Got news? How about a law that allows US Supreme Court cases to be recorded on camera so their citizens can see what happened?

Perhaps some suggestions less relating to interface would go along nicely. >_>
Oh my gosh...thank-you for that screenshot saturday link. It's exactly what I need to brew ideas. Just a ton of random screenshots from already made, indie 2d games.
That's one of those "spurts" of "OMGLETSDOTHIS" he gets. It fades in a day or so. So its back to the usual. Although I do have the new base and I made the weapons fit it. So at least there's something.

Anywho, something happen? no tech tree last week :(... and if it says why, my bad, I only reaaaally read the part that involves wyllshire XD. But its better than not reading at all right?
@VcentG: I live in the US and go to family gatherings for Thanksgiving. I made bookmarks as usual for the most part, but I didn't have time to write anything up.

@OrangeWeapons: Yeah, kudos to Pekka Kujansuu and Mike Meyer. =)

@Vexonator: Sorry, I've developed a habit of harping on interface polish for featured status. I understand if it doesn't feel very deep or related to gameplay.