Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
you just banned me , idk why, can you please explain?
What reason was I banned? Playing then d/c...
In response to TeenGogeta
TeenGogeta wrote:
On the other hand, you were running 24/7 and we voted for you to die or me to relog, and it was 5 for me to relog and 17 for you to die, you booted skittles about 7 times in a row for no reason, you teleported to many people when you were about to die, you muted people for few days and i had to unmute them and lots more, it's a pain trying to remember all you did as you've done a lot in 1 week.

I'm sorry but, You can't abuse your powers because the online players wanted a player fired/banned/booted/killed.

That's just.... Dumb. Sorry though.

But in another way, You gotta listen to the democracy as a staff team member.
I've been banned for months now and I have absolutely no idea why. If this server has an Auto-Ban for re-logging than I know how I was banned here. My brother restarted the router mid-match and I tried to log back in(I wasn't even dead) after the internet came back on. Then I was promptly auto-banned.

IP: PM me for it, please. I don't feel comfortable just posting it on a forum.
Got banned by deathmall for losing a ban fight after he told me i have no choice..reason why he wanted to ban fight me cuz i said someone else did more damage then him...personally this i dnt c this as anywhere near a reasonable reason to ban someone so pls can i get unbanned..
Key= Makenshi 619
was banned for spamming in chat and for talkin in portuguese in chat, someone unban me pls i wont do it again.
i dont know why im banned
but fuck u anyway dont unban me
Reason: Well quay gave me the source to your game i didnt even know it was your source cause he sent me a link told me to download it and i wasid w.e and did and the next day i get alot of hate i was banned for i think almost 1 year and half and i really wanna comeback i wanna see who still plays but hopefully you can unbann me i was like 12 when i got banned and i barely knew anything about games and hosting and stuff and ps i got a new laptop and i dont have your source please unbann me :)
o.o someone answer it's been a week Eternal please give me a Yes or No answer :)
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