by Lummox JR
Create custom-colored icons and cache them to reuse as needed.
In a project I'm working on I'll have a multi-layered icon for the player mob designed to be colored, I would like the user to be given a choice of color (with unlockable colors)

How would I go about doing this with your library?

(On a side note each layer of the icon can be customized)
It depends on the icon style. Most games with retro graphics will only have one or two shades of the color to customize, so that part's not too hard. You can use the built-in HSV routines to make the color lighter or darker, and then just use SwapColor in that case.

If you're building this from several smaller icons, each of them in grayscale, you might want to use ColorTone() to apply the color.

If you want a custom mix of shades of their color along with white highlights, you may not need the library at all. My preferred method of colorizing an icon is to have one copy with grayscales that represents their color, and one for highlights. I take the first icon and multiply it by their color (so white in the original icon comes out as their color, black is still black), and add the highlights. This can produce more realistic effects in some cases. If the highlights are strictly black and white, this can be done more easily by using MapColors() and having, say, the red value be the color and the green be the highlight.
Each icon layer is in grayscale, though I don't know how to do highlights, I'm not much of an artist.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm currently the only one working on my game.

ColorTone() is probably the best choice for your purposes then. In that proc, white stays white, black stays black, and the middle gray becomes the color you choose.
Thanks, I'll try it out

Edit: I can't seem to find that proc
Edit 2: Found it, it is in your other Icon Library