New Era

by Davidle123
New Era
Welcome to New Era, where adventure awaits!
In response to DopeboyMagic101
If you wanted to play a game with NPCs, go play Rise of the Pirates.
umm, it isnt the same.. ive tried it before.. thank you for the offer tho. there were many different things that separate the two games.
Age of pirates isnt a good game for me it seems stupid ask fuck tummy bring new era back
lol i try to host this game but it dont pop up on the hub lol
yo do u have the host files for new eras old version the one with the cows and bats on a island
how do i get the new host files
I started to host it agin, the newest version, i have got the old too but ill start hosting this because here i have got the cm powers and i can help the people with all. Daily turnaments for fruits, money... Come and have fun
new eras dead lets all play this one instead even has players and every df is unique has the new world and skypia too:
if someone gives me the new host files i can host 24/7
when game will be again on^
Hi my Name is Sidy Mané,I have 15 Years Old and i'm from Paris i posted to become Moderator Or admin Because i'm Always in the game i'm in morning and Night Because in Paris we have 6 Hour than more than you it mean that when you guys sleep i'm at school And when you wake Up i'm at my house Playing The Game i really like your game if i'd been 18 years old i'l would Donate each month,My Skype is : gokux93100.I don't wanna lie i Have no experience But i am motivated To become Admin :D and if you don't accept me like admin then make me Moderator. i will understand if you don't accept me :D. Then Thx :D
Hello I started to host New Era if there will be players I will host 24/7
When will they game be back up? can someone host?
I offer source code to New Era, Byond-Scape, Age of Pirates, along with helpful icons. If you're interested in picking up on what I left off, you can find the files on my Byond-Scape hub. If someone starts getting into progressing either of the 3 games just let me know as I would still hop on occasionally to play, I am just busy with owning a business now and do not have time to actually sit down and provide updates or reliable hosting.
I'll host this as often as I can, and hell. If someone tosses me the source files, I might make this my personal little project depending on how much people like it.
hello I really wanted to host new era on this hub,but for some reason they changed the hub password ! So I created a new hub for it.
do NOT play the game hosted by jama or monkeyking key. the host is abusive n terrorizes any and all players. he will spam kill n dry loot for touching any outposts. he bans if u ask too many questions about game. hes disrespectful af. games gone downhill n we need a consistent and stable source.
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