I noticed that a fan game of Naruto has been making a profit, or rather... the owner has. As far as I am aware, no action has been taken against it. So... may I inquire what exactly is the punishment for this? How would I report a game for profiting on copyrighted material, which they have no right to?

Thank you ahead of time, for all replies.

The best the BYOND staff could do is remove them from their site altogether and hide the hub(which may already be done? Not sure if Naruto is Funimation-owned). The best way to report the game would be to contact BYOND.

Hope I helped!
Naruto is owned by Viz Media, but profiting from fan creations of it are still a violation of copyright laws.

Without a link to the hub in question, I have no way to tell if it's rejected or not. If it is, there's not much else the listing moderators can do as rejection hides hubs in their entirety from the listings and the search algorithms.
Well, I also posted in the game's forums to check... but, unfortunately was banned.

The game is Naruto Eternal Memories, and the hub link is: NarutoEternalMemories
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Ah. The game in question has been rejected for a while, so there's not much else we can do. it appears you would have to write a letter.
Well, I don't really feel like going through the hassle... just wanted to let the moderators know, if they didn't already... and, to ask those questions. It would be really bad if BYOND got into legal trouble due to a user's stubbornness, because I would prefer not to lose a source of entertainment... when I'm already lacking in that category.
Well if you won't report them, I will :)
Go ahead, I linked to the game's hub.
I noticed that, I already wrote the letter and sent it off hopefully though don't change anything :)
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Good on ya, I always link people that complain about rips of fangames profiting to contact pages and you're the only one that's showed any interest in actually doing anything about it. I would've done it myself on more than just this occasion, but it doesn't really concern me.
Thanks it's not like sending a letter cost that much money / time anyway, I hope the kid has read this and I hope he/she is wetting themselves (and they should be).

Dunno how long it'll take coming from Australia ... Probably hasn't even gotten to the airport yet! Hah
I have noticed that this game is asking for donations aswell, it is a rip and also a fan-game of Naruto.

Please do something to it:
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The game in question has been rejected.

Accepting donations for colorful names ingame, lowest of the low.
I've been gone, sorry for the delayed reply. I'll try to link to other fangames I find which use a donation system, or anything of that sort.

Someone better call FUNimation up.

If this topic is gonna keep going, it might as well be made into a 'report' topic and be stickied.
Dragonball games and anything FUNimation-owned are automatically rejected, no reason to report them here.
...Not saying I am in support of any side here, but has boredom reached a new low?
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Reporting them here isn't just for BYOND's moderation.

Perhaps you disregarded the first 11 post? This would be more to bring public attention to games that are wrongfully attempting to profit from illegal methods. Most likely in hopes that something would be done about it. I could also provide a link to the page with FUNimation's contact details incase anyone wanted to report said games through the proper forum.

As I've stated already, I don't hold enough interest to report any of these games, I'm not working for any of these companies. But, I know some people do care enough to do something about it.

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