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In regards to what exactly? Us taking the time to report people that are profiting off the intellectual propery of others?

I don't think thats something anyone should turn the other cheek towards. Only reason I see to why someone would be for letting them accept donations is if they're the ones donating or the ones accepting the donations.

It also wouldn't be enough to satisfy only takes a minute or two to report it.
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Reporting them here isn't just for BYOND's moderation.

Perhaps you disregarded the first 11 post? This would be more to bring public attention to games that are wrongfully attempting to profit from illegal methods. Most likely in hopes that something would be done about it. I could also provide a link to the page with FUNimation's contact details incase anyone wanted to report said games through the proper forum.

As I've stated already, I don't hold enough interest to report any of these games, I'm not working for any of these companies. But, I know some people do care enough to do something about it.

"Legal and Copyright Infringement Claims
[email protected]"[END EDIT]

I'll be editing this into the original post, since I do plan to start linking to fangames, in which the owner is making a profit as I find them.
So, being quite new to BYOND I stumbled across this game, that is called: Naruto: GOA Revised. Now, at first this game was awesome before I came to the realisation that the admins were awful, which resulted in the community being sub-par at best. However, I'm not here to rage about how bad the community and admins are, I just had a question regarding in-game donations.

Are they even legal?
They deem them as 'donations' but the game actually includes a pop-up price list, if you will, which involves the player spending real money to purchase virtual points that can be spent on in-game purchases such as a 'Bijuu' or a 'Doujutsu'.

Aside from being relatively unfair, doesn't this feature go against BYOND policy? I also heard this game was a copy of the official game: 'Naruto GOA', except it has minor tweaks, if that counts for anything.

HUB link: .

Kind regards,
Cyber Oblivion.
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I'll send another letter.
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Good on ya! Again! I emailed FUNimation about a game that took to paypal directly for a subscription system they had set up, that was about a week ago.
Good job! NNAAAAHH.

Although for some reason I don't think they are going to care so much...
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Then I'll send another! >:O

$10 for a month
$15 for three months
$25 for six months
$40 for a year
$60 for a lifetime

I'm sure they've made some bank. And even then, I didn't see or hear of any original content added to the already-ripped source. Just libraries and other ripped material. Well, other than the paypal subscription.
Hah I really hope FUNimation teaches one of these fools a lesson!

And that lesson doesn't come and bite BYOND in the ass .... since they have a hub ...
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I tried to make it clear BYOND doesn't support FUNimation games any longer, in the email, and shouldn't be held accountable, but hey.. What else can you do?
Since BYOND has brought in submissions for hubs they are more responsible now than ever, but they still can not control what users do with Dream Maker.

The fact that they are controlling submissions now could put them in harms way as the hub would of been seen by a moderator technically they should have deleted it completely regardless if the owner is asking for money.

So the excuse we can't control what our users do is somewhat true but that doesn't explain why you have copyrighted material on the website.

In all honesty I would rather go after Tom than the 12 year old running the game. No offence Tom I assume you just have more money that's all.
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Points to consider:

A.T.H.K wrote:
So the excuse we can't control what our users do is somewhat true

A toolmaker cannot be held accountable for absolutely everything people do with his tools.

but that doesn't explain why you have copyrighted material on the website.

There isn't copyrighted material on the BYOND website because a hub entry itself isn't copyrighted material. What could be infringing copyright is the game project/files themselves (be it source, graphics or executable files), and a hub entry doesn't have to physically include any of those.
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