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I sense the dark side in you young padawan.
Pokemon Red Rose has a BIG coding fault.When I walk on things that are meant to be dense,I walk through them.Check your density codes.
Also alot of the Pokemon don't walk when they more,or they change to a different icon when being moved.Eg; HG/SS to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.Also,check the Male West and East icon.It looks like its jumping.Also the game looks messy,because of all the Pokemon that are from different games.And don't forgot to turn the Female icon to FR/LG icons,as the male is small and the female is enourmous.Thats all,and I hope the game gets fixed soon,so it really can be playable.(I reccomend not hosting it until it is fixed.).
hey if anyone sees shotton17 then can you tell him that i am not going to be on much or possibly at all because my mom took the computer away and so i cant come on byond exept when i am at the library or when she gets her labtop fixed please please pleas tell him this thanks if you guys do
when's the game gunna come back on, it's been a while since i last seen it. BTW, how are you satanic? It's been a really long time since i last seen you on!!