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Ack, I got a horrible feeling I forgot AceMedalTable for last month. I'm 99% sure that Octobers top 6 were the same as September, and was partly lazyness as to why I didn't post it straight away. November's results come with the first change in the top spot for awhile:

1) Mastermatthew: 103 points from 47 medals
2) Kisioj: 101 points from 41 medals
3) Ganing: 69 points from 31 medals
4) Kozuma3: 66 points from 32 medals
5) Nadrew: 48 points from 26 medals
6) Tetsuya: 46 points from 26 medals

I will probably list the top 10 next time round, as December's results will mark the end of 2010, I'm debating whether or not to offer prizes for the top 3 again. If I manage to release/update with another game, get a few more medals out there, then I may announce some prizes for grabs. They will all be timed subscriptions to one of my games (namely only Wargames, Wargames 2 and SurviveThis at the moment).

In the new year, I'm also making plans to auto-add people from all my games with AMT medals to the table irrespective of whether they have used the AMT program.
Nice. :)