Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
Greeting fellow BYONDers. I realized development on the game has pretty much gone underground. but let me be the first to reassure you that the game isn't dead. With the recent addition of our new programmer,Ishuri. well enough with the introductions, here's whats new in Spirit Age.

Marketing System This was a huge deal as marketing and banking system are a huge part of RPGs. here are a couple screenshots:

Selling is simple too! just open your inventory while the shop User interface is open, then click on the item you wish to sell.

Crafting has three parts:


From these professions stems Sub-professions which allow for different forms of crafting,namely:
*Black smith- Create weapons and armor
*Alchemy- Craft Stat augmenting potions and transformation elixirs.
*Crafting- craft accessories and misc items.

Currently the system and its mechanics are in its infancy but it quickly evolving into some dynamic.

You're able to craft Items using a very simple method of combing 3 materials to form one item magically!

In the Art department, we've been slaving away at hiding the nakedness of the player base with some new armor!

until more art is done,this is the only completed armor set in the game, complete with several variations!

Along with armor we've been working on a plethora of weaponry for players to use.

currently left on our to do list to building building a fun "sandbox" rpg are dynamically generated events that have direct and indirect influence of the on the world, an example of this would be players who play villain roles to raid small towns/outposts to gain certain perks and influence the economy of the game to their advantage. This can range from a recession like effect to hyper inflation of currency. and if left unchecked by players who play villian roles would subsequently send the world into anarchy.

We hope to implement a system inspired by EVE online, which takes the form of "security zones" these would indicate areas of the world that have better protection than others. security zones range from 0.0 to 1.0 with .0 being no security at all and 1.0 being the highest level where offenders will be hunted by super powered policing NPCs as well as a bounty on their head until they're killed.

In security zones with low security represent more dangerous paths laced all kinds of dangers. Security zones will be altered dynamically as certain conditions are met in the world.

We also intend to implement several group orientated activities which I will discuss once more information is available. so there you have it, the game is still under heavy development despite the quietness from the development team. we simply didn't feel the urge to building additional hype, also noting that I'm not the blogger I used to be.

This are ALOT more things that were new,but I cant be bother to list every last one of them.
Amazing! looks like a fully fledged MMORPG without the 3D'ness.
Glad to see this is moving along nicely. Keep it up!
It's coming together, nice. :)
man that looks amazing I wish I could pixel like that
In response to MechaCloud
MechaCloud wrote:
man that looks amazing I wish I could pixel like that

Good to know the game isn't dead :D
Wishing never did anything for anyone. If you want to pixel as good as him, put in as many hours practicing as he did.
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Yusuke13 wrote:
Wishing never did anything for anyone. If you want to pixel as good as him, put in as many hours practicing as he did.

Some people just can't learn it :P , I've never been able to draw anything good in my life - no matter how hard I try. :P
You and I are in the same boat then. Haha
It's not that I couldn't I just don't have the patience, too time consuming creating all those overlays and such, I'd rather do more simplistic stuff at a faster pace so I don't loose interest.
Damn it zane, always making competition for me even when the subject isn't Bleach huh?!?! D:
Thanks. we've really had noting to blog about since this is all really boring stuff.
Glad to hear this game is still going well! Looks awesome.
The final updates to crafting:

This is subject to change.
Wait...its the final update... but it may change?
Yes, just because we call it the final update, doesn't literally mean it is. It just means we'll leave it at that until it needs to be changed. That was a useless post btw.
Is the skin going change ? Because it doesn't look to good.
Doubt it.

[its a possibility]
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