Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Hey there everyone!

After much consideration I've decided to begin rewriting the SS13 code to include a more optimized method of handling the many variables within the system which should speed up server response time and reduce the lag.

Also, while I'm at it I'm going to be releasing several packs open source which will have several different maps to be used with the new code to add some variety. Several of these maps will be "bare bones" so as to allow the crew to build their own station. I also plan on incorporating the warp gate which can send people to different maps - also allowing the selection of the gate to be opened so there's some exploring.

I will be adding many more construction options, ordering options, and rebuilding the ordering system so that credits are earned based on what is shipped and how much, and is no longer rewarded over time automatically.

There are also many other tweaks I will be adding and I would love to hear the community opinion so I can best tailor it to fit what the community would like. This can be additional machines, more options, or expanded recipe lists - pretty much whatever you can think of.

Thanks and hope to hear back from you all! I'll post regular updates (every few days) on the progress. I may open up my own forums for this project if there's enough support.

Matt/Chaos Cristole/anubisrwml
Let me clarify - I'm not actually rewriting the core code - just adding some additional features - this is an extension of SS13 and can be considered a mod of sorts. Exadv1 still receives all the credit for his work and the code and I am not in any way attempting to exclude that.
I would love to see a version of SS13 with more realism on what people would be doing up there, and the stuff would be more natural disasters, like exploding stars, trying to escape a dark hole, meteor strikes, building up a defense for an encoming comet. While the crew does there important jobs, like maintaining the engine, also a changed medical system, people should only be allowed to heal minor wounds(Like 25% damage) and only doctors can heal past that with more major equipment and maybe surgeries etc. Instead of just clicking them 4 times and healing them from 5 gun shot wounds and there skull being bashed in. Also I love the sandbox mode so building upon the station is an awesome idea. Also the prison station was a good idea, but maybe having instead observation stations, like a smaller station that can fly around and look at moons/space debris, and then smaller pods/ships that can be UAV's and small manned ones. You can use the small ships to fly around and repair the station(Like in the movie 2001: Space Odyssey).
Also adding in a more advanced water system, since there is fire and air. I was actually doing this myself; i've been programming and making pixel art for ~8 years on BYOND now, and have made, and help make some very great games. Like I made most of the art and co-designed tons of ideas with SuperAntX for the game Decadence most recently. I made a game Age Of War(An Age of Empires game made for BYOND) by myself and more stuff. So if your interested i'd be glad in joining up with you and helping design the game, plus I can finally give SS13 a graphics makeover to make it look like the polished amazing game that it is(Which i've been wanting to do for years).
Oh and back to water, I was making a water system; pipes run through, and connect to the fire locks, so when activated sprinklers kick on and help put out fires. Though canisters can be released/pipes broken which can flood sections and drown people if doors are locked. Also you could shutoff the water to have successful fires. It can be pumped back into canisters, even thinking of having emergency flush systems, where a corridor would open pipe valves and flush out the section while locking it down, then closing it and letting the atmosphere get back to normal then re-opening it. This emergency flush system would also be very useful for fires that are say near plasma and could blow up; Even traitors could lock someone in a room and flush out all the air. So I was thinking the room would turn dark with a flashing yellow light saying alert emergency flush in 10, 9... And the AI/maintenance etc can stop it, that is if they know someone is in there. Also hand held cameras, so crews that fly on other stations to moons or space debris can show the AI and anyone who wants to see it on the monitor, which could be an awesome suprise to find an alien ship and bring an alien back on the station accidently and stuff. As you can see i've got many many ideas for this game which I was starting to mod though my life would be too busy to program it all on my own so reading your post is amazing. I'll add you on BYOND for now though we could talk on AIM sometime in the future if you'd like. Anyways i'm 110% behind you on this plan!
Just a hint, lag can't be fixed unless you get it to work on multiple threads (AKA more than one core).

You've already been beat to remaking SS13.
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Maximus_Alex2003 wrote:
You've already been beat to remaking SS13.

He's going to re-write it on the byond engine, not somewhere else. I assume.
If you are still working on the features I would love to help. and my other question is: when will the server be online?