Naruto Shinobi Universe

by AbdelJN
Naruto Shinobi Universe
Experience the Naruto Universe the way it should be! Naruto Shinobi Universe aims to bring polish, accuracy, and balance to bring a solid Naruto game to BYOND.
I would like to apply for Alpha Testing. Thanks
I don't need to apply for alpha. He know's I want to play :3
i would like to apply for Alpha Testing :)
Consider me for the next testing, thanks!
I'd like to test if i may.
I wanna test it :o
i wanna test is now!!!!
plz :c
Ill do anything to test!
Skype: Jamessoexclusive
Facebook : James Solutionsz
Twitter: TdotsSolutionsz
seems cool count me in for testing
I would like to help testing
ill like to test hell i tested in alot of games
will the six paths be in it
will this be on
testing would be pretty fun im OCD and have ADD most people compliment me on them because i have to do everything or it kills me
when we be able to test? :D
I would like to private test for you if it's not a problem.
it would be cool to test this :(
This seems to look like quite a promising game, I would love to play this some time.
pls put it up
how much longa :C
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