Board Game Framework

by ACWraith
Multiple rooms. Flexible automation and interface.
Keywords: development
It took a couple weeks longer than I desired, but I have finally uploaded my Board Game Framework. I've created multiple board games over the years and multiple libraries to make it easier. Board Game Framework ties those libraries together with an interface that can be overwritten.
  • Multiple game rooms can run on one server.
  • Chat can be filtered.
  • An adjustable Message Of The Day can be displayed.
  • Turns can be broken into phases. (Each turn is simultaneous by default.)
  • Players can vote to add timers.
  • The interface can be overwritten piece by piece.
  • A demo is included.

Overall, the goal was to allow developers to concentrate on the mechanics of their game. In theory, they should spend most of their time implementing specific phases as their project requires.
Impressive. Tackling a project of this scope isn't something I'd want to do.
Apparently I was dumb enough to do it multiple times before deciding to try and do it right just once. ;)
Cool. Nice work.