Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
So, first off, my apologies for disappearing, it has been quite a while so I figure quite a few people are annoyed with me. Hopefully the new engine makes up for it a little :]

Zane has kept everything going really well and Ishuri is doing a fantastic job. My time isn't flexible at all lately, but I've been trying to give a little time to programming again.

Just imagine the combat engine on top of this. Which itself is getting updated.

So, I've always tried to get things into games I work on that not many (or none at all) BYOND games have, almost an obsession. Always want to make them really stick out, so I guess I found my next thing with the new platforming & rpg map generation.

Now you can wait for Zane to put out some super detailed post on what's coming. I'm planning to do some tests of the engine in the coming week so look out :]

Also, remember this?

Lol, it's going to be so awesome, you should see Zane's new art.

(Nope. No lag, not much added to system. Plus, trying to make a strong single player so certain things may be turned off in multiplayer mode.)

I know it likely runs fine (as pixel movement generally does), but your .rsc (or your .dyn.rsc) must be pretty huge for so relatively few icons.

I was going to help a certain artist with a space traders game, but I ended up giving up because after a few ship rotations, the game would get too big too fast with not much to show for it. Can't wait for object transformations.
In response to Kaiochao
In relation to Armored Units? Yeah, the .rsc was pretty huge but we've made some sacrifices and improvements to compensate and shrink it down to reasonable sizes already so I am not too worried about that.
That was freaking awesome
That movement/jumping is beautiful.
I was recently on youtube and was confused when I saw that video uploaded since I thought you weren't working on it anymore aha. Nice video, looks smooth . Glad to see things are moving somewhere (:
Looks great. Can't wait to try it out :) Keep up the good work guys!
Man, whoever this Chris Gayle guy is, I love him. Yup.
Do you have states for the armored units and planes etc so when they receive damage they look damaged? Like, they turn black and are missing chunks and smoke pours out of them? :)
Spirit Age Screenshot

Showing different stories thrown into the mix.

More polished version.