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I went to the ER in pain again. This time my pancreas enzyme levels were normal. It wasn't pancreatitis. My liver enzymes were normal too.

The ultrasound picked up something it had not before. Sludge was detected in my gall bladder. The thickened bile can crystallize and turn into gall stones. Those stones in turn can cause pancreatitis and liver problems. I was told I should have my gall bladder removed. I'm meeting with a surgeon soon.

One dose of hydrocodone let me ignore the pain enough to sleep. I'm feeling like the attack has passed.
Damn, what is it with Gall Bladder removals and people I know recently?

My brother had his gall bladder out a couple years ago. He had some nasty IBS going on that was making life Hell. Hard to say if the gall bladder removal are what solved his problems or if it was the adjustment of his diet.

My dad had his own removed a few months back. Gall bladder attack so nasty it caused him to go into shock. May have also contributed to his coronary arrythmia. He's feeling much better after having it out.

A very simple out-patient procedure using micro-incisions these days.
I'm only Nay-'ing because I nay the scenario and wish you well.
Maximus_Alex2003 wrote:
I'm only Nay-'ing because I nay the scenario and wish you well.

That sucks, but I'm glad to hear it's not the pancreas itself. That thing's scary.