by Oasiscircle
Explore an endless dungeon to rid it of its inhabitants!
Keywords: myriad, update
Glad there's been a positive reaction for more Myriad updates. This one is quite interesting!

There's an inventory system that's been added, and although it's quite small at the moment it will be expanded much farther in the future!

The update also contains item breaking, glancing blows, volume sliders, a floor counter, healing potions, and restarting after death. All requested features. (:

Ignore the saving and loading buttons and the lives counter in the top, those are for the future! ;)

Any suggestions for future updates?
You could go pacman style and change the hue of all the light areas to a random color for each floor. Should I assume that the HUDs being used are all map based? If so, then make them change to the same color as well. I think it would be an awesome looking effect, and wouldn't ruin the shadowy style of it. I guess you could make a toggle in the settings somewhere to disable the color switching, for those players who are obsessed with the classic gameboy look.

Also, how do the potions work? I can't seem to figure out how to actually use them. I tried clicking them in the inventory, but nothing happens.
In response to Multiverse7
I think I'll hang on to the only-white look.
Use potions by pressing their respective number. This is also how you equip items.